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Apr. 16th, 2030 05:46 pm
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How's my driving? All comments and criticism welcome. IP logging is off and anon is enabled.
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((Warning: These are the ramblings of a mildly sociopathic, homophobic, transphobic teenage girl, and do not reflect the mun's real opinions. Also, she's better now, the Admiral swears. These are mostly circa February/March or so. Lovely layout courtesy of [community profile] dickingyard.))


9: Video

Jun. 4th, 2012 01:33 pm
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[Regina is at her usual position when the feed turns on: sitting at her vanity, perfectly made up and beaming at the camera. This time, however, she actually seems pretty excited, and the room behind her is disheveled, massive suitcases sitting open and half-packed.]

Well, it looks like Shego was right, everyone: I'm totally graduated now.

I know you'll all be super sad to see me go -- [And this is said with an actual hint of self-deprecation, her smile turning briefly knowing, because. Well. She's dumb, but not that dumb.] -- but I have to go back and graduate for real now. Not to mention, the most important event of the year was scheduled for like a week after I got hit by that bus? And I don't plan on missing it now.

Sorry, haters. Better luck next time! [She blows a kiss.]

Private to Shego, Lua, Tim, T'Pol, House, Mozenrath, and Trip. )
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[Once again, the camera is showing a room that is clearly Regina's, even though it's not. The place is cramped and has a distinctly bombed-out look, few luxuries... But there's still a large mattress with a curtain around it, several mirrors, and even a raggedy teddy bear. Regina herself is dressed in dark grays, and there's an ammo belt strapped across her chest... but her skin is still perfectly clear and her nails are painted dark green and black.

You can take the girl out of Regina, but you can't take the Regina out of the girl.]

Is there a reason the entire city suddenly started using this frequency? Hello, morons, you are not being helpful! Just loud. And none of you are as cute as you think you are.

If anyone needs help getting out and wants to talk about it away from the chatter, totally call me any time, though. And if anyone actually wants to be helpful for like two seconds, the West Side safehouse is in serious need of food, clothes, and ammo.

Love you, Gotham! Thanks!

[General spam for the port]

[This version of Regina will indeed spend the duration of the port operating out of a safehouse on the west side. They have automatic weapons and the city's remaining supply of Clearasil. Who dares approach?]

7: Video

May. 16th, 2012 02:16 pm
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((All backdated to during the dream plot.))

Why am I not surprised that some of you even have major issues when you're sleeping? But to whoever was completely failing that exam: I hope you passed!

[Private to Shego]

So, I think I should be learning how to defend myself? There are some real freaks here. [Also, mostly, kicking ass in Riddick's head was really fun and she wants to do more of that.

She is not, however, planning on bringing up that
other dream.]

[Private to Lua]

This place sucks. What are you doing right now? [Distraction, please. Look, she'll even get you started:]

PS: Someone totally admitted to being a virgin in their dream. I just don't remember who. But it was someone old. Yuck.

[And in the early hours of the morning... Private to Tim]

[For the other broadcasts, Regina's managed to put her defenses up, take a breather, get mean again. But when she wakes up after this dream, it's just... too much. She just can't.

She's still crying when she picks up the communicator, not the way she was with Shego, but little teary sniffles, her voice small and sad.]


6: Audio

Apr. 13th, 2012 11:34 am
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[All the frustrated, impotent teenager anger. All of it. Also, Regina missed Chromie's post and has not yet figured out that the flood is operating by voice, not image or touch.]

Oh my God, can everyone just take a fucking Xanax or something and chill out? Why isn't the infirmary doing something about this?

I mean, it's not just me -- do any of you honestly think that anyone here cares how the rest of you psycho, manic-depressive, greasy, pasty losers are feeling?

[Private to Lua]

[Except her bestie, of course!!!]

Ugh. How are you?

[Open spam for the library]

[If Regina hated this job before, she's actually kind of grateful for it right now. The library is huge and tends to be low-volume, which means she can vanish into a corner and not have to deal with anyone and their ugly clothes and their stupid problems.

Come bother her!]

5: Video

Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:36 pm
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((Annnnd sorry also for spamming, I suck. This is also backdated to the flood, obviously.))

[Janis Ian has come to town, and she's done a little... decorating. Regina's red, white and pink decor has been significantly altered by thick black marker and the judicious application of scissors, and there are pictures and pages lying strewn all over the floor. The enormous vanity mirror has a message scrawled on it in lipstick: "WOMEN'S PRISON? NOW WHO'S THE LESBO?"

Janis herself is sitting at the screen, holding a big pink book.]

So, hey, Barge. I don't know if you all know this already or if I'm just, like, peeing into the wind, here, but I'd feel totally remiss if I didn't make sure I fulfilled my duty as a human being before blowing this pop stand: so just so you know, Regina George is a total monster.

And if you don't believe me? [She holds up the book, then starts reading aloud:] Tee Pole: Weird lizard-blooded bitch, can't make facial expressions to save her life. Damn, girl. Tim Drake: Major stalker. Rayne: Sorry about that wardrobe. Stephanie Brown: Sorry about that face.

[She tsks and shakes her head, setting the book back down.] If you want my advice? Destroy her. It's the only way.

4: Video

Feb. 29th, 2012 05:10 pm
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[Regina is in almost exactly the same pose she was in her last post: sitting at her vanity, seemingly unaffected. Her legs are casually crossed at the knee and she's filing her nails, frowning down at them.]

Ugh. What the hell was that?

I can't believe that dumb bitch got blood on my Juicy! And she broke two of my nails.

[The horrors.]

3: Video

Feb. 27th, 2012 11:20 am
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[Repo Filter]

[In this universe, Regina George is one of the notorious Queen Bees of GeneCo. Both a Repo and a client, she's had almost as many surgeries as kills, and she's happy to show off either. What's the point if you're not the best, right? And what's the point of being the best if absolutely everyone doesn't know about it?

Right now, she's broadcasting from her apartment, which is easily as lavish as her Barge bedroom. The general color scheme is black and white instead of pink and red, and she, too, has busted out the darker part of her wardrobe and a new nose, chin, stomach, breasts, ears... but otherwise, it's pure Regina, through and through.

As always, she's smiling sweetly. More or less.]

This is just to let you all know that since you can't stop talking my ear off over the network and making buddies with the latest batch of meat-puppets, I'm officially Bored as Shit, and Lua and I are going to be taking over your contracts if you can't get it together. Because some of us are rock stars.

Love you all! Bye!

[Private to Satsuki]

Sweetie, can you run a search for me on all contracts that are still outstanding? [Ultimately, this will include Gaeta, SORRY GAIUS.]

[Private to Lua, forward-dated to post-Dracula]

Okay, seriously, where are you? I'm giving you like, one more hour to call me back, and then I'm calling up that little junkie freak Morgana and asking if she wants to be my partner.

Morgana, Lua.

And I'm serious, I'll do it, so you'd better call me the hell back.
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[Spam for Arthas, before the flood starts to ebb.]

[Regina George is not used to eating lunch alone. She's determined that it won't last for long, though. After all, she already has a cute new boyfriend, and whatever her new mentor has to say about it, she is totally going to own this place someday soon. For now, she's just taking the opportunity for recon, and...

...and then the most incredible man she's ever seen walks past. Sure, he's kind of pasty, and that long hair is desperately out of style, but there's no denying, he is a whole lot of man. A whole lot.

Regina's out of her seat in a minute and coming up behind him, taking his arm without warning.]
Why don't I know you?

[Text to Tim]

We're breaking up.

1: Video

Feb. 13th, 2012 02:00 pm
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[Welcome to Hell, Bargizens! A young, pretty blonde girl stands in the middle of a gorgeously sumptuous bedroom, her arms folded over her chest, a thunderous expression on her extremely made-up face.]

Okay, excuse me. What happened to the view from my bedroom window? And why is my hallway sporting the latest in Fug Chic?

I don't think so. So what drooling sub-primal AV Club neanderthal do I have to talk to about getting this fixed?
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User Name/Nick: Rah
User DW: [personal profile] saywhaaat
AIM/IM: nccgqmf
E-mail: iamrah at gmail
Other Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Angua von Uberwald, Felix Gaeta

Character Name: Regina George
Series: Mean Girls
Age: 17
From When?: After being hit by a schoolbus

Inmate/Warden: Inmate. Regina is redeemable, but she's petty, cruel, and has made dozens of other girls and women (and even some men) feel victimized. As in the film, she needs to learn to re-channel her adolescent anger into something more productive.

Abilities/Powers: Flawlessness

Personality: Regina George is the ultimate Queen Bee... which means she's vain, shallow, narcissistic, status-obsessed, fashion-obsessed, boy-crazy, and everything else you hated in high school. Occupying the very top of the social ladder, she's entrenched herself comfortably there and will fight savagely -- in her own way -- to keep it. She strikes fear and jealousy into the heart of teenage girls everywhere, and she's pleased to reap the rewards.

Regina is extremely superficial and tends to judge people, including herself, virtually only on looks (this extends not only to physical beauty but also fashion, signs of wealth, etc.). As with many young women, Regina suffers from a mixture of insecurity and overconfidence. Both things partly come from her intense and sometimes extreme efforts to improve her own appearance, including fad dieting and even a discreet nose job. Now, she knows she's hot, which has made her arrogant, but she also has yet to learn the valuable lesson Cady eventually does in the film: that tearing down other girls won't make her feel *more* hot. Frustratingly, she's not at all stupid, but seems to care not a whit about academics.

Regina is also arguably a bit sociopathic. She has very little empathy or regard for others, especially those she deems to be unable to keep up with her. For example, she defends Gretchen as long as Gretchen is in her immediate circle, but when Gretchen gets on her nerves, she has no qualms about treating her badly. She talks about everyone behind their backs, to the point where it's almost no longer malicious but simply a fact of life: other people exist to be judged. Of course, she knows others are judging her, and that's why she makes a point of striving for perfection.

For all that Regina judges people, she has an interesting gullible streak to her -- for example, believing Cady's Kaltene Bars to be for weight loss, even after she began to gain weight rapidly from eating them. This may be because, having been spoiled rotten by her parents, and rich and pretty enough to always have social capital at school, she's almost never not gotten her own way. She knows she's a person whose good side it's better to be on, so why would anyone screw with her?

Perhaps surprisingly, Regina won't be all that fazed by Barge life. She will, of course, be skeptical at first, but once she accepts the basic facts of her new situation, she'll dive right in and focus her energies on turning things to her advantage. Who cares if vampires are real? The question is, what can they do for her? Before long, she'll be just as critical of a dirty robe or dull weapon as she is over mismatched skirts.

Path to Redemption: This should actually be a pretty easy redemption, as she has something of a canon redemption at the end of the film (after her entry point)... but then again, maybe not. After all, her canon redemption comes as the result of months of difficult physical therapy for a fractured spine. Basically, what Regina needs is to learn how channel her private insecurities, and the frustrations and angers that come from being a teenage girl, into a healthier outlet. She could also probably stand to learn empathy, and this will likely come from having people around that she can learn to respect and even care about.

A good warden will be patient, but quite tough with her, and unafraid to push her. She probably won't benefit much from talking it out: she needs to learn by doing and experiencing. She'll get vastly more use out of a female warden than a male one at this time, and certainly one who understands the basics of the modern human female experience.

History: Regina George is flawless. I hear her hair's insured for...

Okay, the quick and dirty story is, Regina was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1987. She was the oldest daughter of two very rich parents who spoiled her silly (even trading their own large bedroom to her) and taught her that looks and money are the most important things in life. She made close friends with a girl named Janis Ian in middle school, but got scared and backed away from the friendship when Janis became too attached, spreading rumors about Janis's secret lesbianism.

By the time she got to high school, she had solidified her position as Queen Bee (also known as a "Plastic"), and ruled the school until the arrival of African transplant Cady Haron. Cady pretended to be Regina's friend while secretly plotting with Janis to undermine Regina and ruin her life. When this all came out, Regina stormed out of school, in the middle of a vicious screaming fight with Cady... only to be hit by a school bus. (Note: In the film, she survives with a fractured spine, but...)

Sample Journal Entry:

[A young, pretty blonde girl stands in the middle of a gorgeously sumptuous bedroom, her arms folded over her chest, a thunderous expression on her extremely made-up face.]

Okay, excuse me, what happened to the view from my bedroom window? And since when does my hallway sport the latest in Fug Chic?

I don't think so. So what drooling sub-primal AV Club neanderthal do I have to talk to to get this fixed?

And Cady, if you're listening in, this is seriously lame-ass.

Sample RP:

Regina had been on the Barge for only a week, but she had already come to realize that the place was a complete nightmare. The decor was tacky, the crew completely below par, the food fattening, and there weren't even any nail places on board.

But what was far, far worse was the people. She'd thought Northshore was bad, but at least there were people there she could like, communicate with. This place? This was all just ugly old wannabes who claimed to be all scary and hardcore, like it would save them from their innate tragicness.

She'd seen at least two separate men wearing hats.

And the women! The women were even worse, and judgy, screechy shrews, besides. After an especially frustrating couple of conversations, she clicked off her communicator with a strangled scream and chucked it onto the bed, gritting her teeth. How was she supposed to get by in this place surrounded by nasty old people like this, with no Shane or fruit smoothies or facials to get her by?

Her eye lit on the bookshelf and she smiled grimly. The original Burn Book may have been gone, but it had been the best way she knew to get rid of her stress. Now...

She found an old, mostly-empty diary and turned to the first unfilled page, scribbling hard. T'POL: she wrote, FREAKY GREEN BLOOD, CAN'T MAKE EXPRESSIONS. ANGUA: BITCH!!!!!!!
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CONTACT METHOD: Anything (AIM - nccgqmf, plurk - nccbamf, e-mail - iamrah at gmail, DW PM) are all fine with me, but I personally prefer AIM or e-mail for anything that requires more conversation than "tag here plz."
THREAD-JACKING: PLEASE DO SO, I love thread-jacking.
BACKTAGGING: Yes, but I would prefer to find a way to wrap up anything older than a couple of weeks.
AVOIDED TOPICS: Fire (used in a destructive way, i.e. burning someone's room/things) is a personal trigger for me so please don't.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Regina is 17 years old and has long, straightened blonde hair and blue eyes. She has very pale skin with some freckles. She's of slightly above-average height and of normal weight (specifically, a size 6). She is extremely superficial and as such pretty much never leaves her room without a carefully-chosen outfit, perfectly done hair and nails, and a face full of makeup. She smells like some kind of expensive perfume. Her voice is rather high-pitched, and she has a lot of the affects of teenage girls -- overemphasis, ending sentences as a question, etc.
DEMEANOR: Again, Regina is deeply superficial, to the point where she's been called a "Plastic" for her total inability to go beneath the surface. If you're another girl, she'll either befriend you or be a huge bitch to you... or both. If you're a boy and attractive, she might hit on you, or ignore you. She doesn't form serious friendships, but she loves to play fake friends and will compliment people at random so they like her more. She loves to gossip and will try to encourage others to do so.
ABILITIES: None, she's a normal human.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: She's had a nose job.

MENTAL: Go for it, there ain't nothing in there.
VIOLENCE: Tentatively yes, but definitely please talk to me first, as I usually prefer to work fights out in advance. Also, why are you fighting with Regina?
DEBATE: For sure, but she's not smart enough to hold her own most of the time, so it might get boring for you. Also, if it's a trolling situation, I don't mind her being trolled, but I don't love CR that consists of absolutely nothing else, so let's work something out.
OTHER / NOTES: I am extremely uncomfortable with infomodding and tend to police it pretty strictly.
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